Asia – Asia

Asia is the greater than six Earth continents. It occupies an area 43,82 million square kilometers, ie occupies about 8,7% of the total surface of the planet and the 30% the land. It is also the continent with most residents, with about the population 60% world population (according to the mean estimate UN population for 2015 its population is estimated at 4.393.000.000 residents.). To the west is united with the European peninsula. The natural border with Europe is the Ural Mountains, the Caspian Sea, Caucasus, the Black Sea and the Hellespont. From Africa to Asia divided by the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. To the south is washed by the Indian Ocean, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, while the Bering Strait separates it from the American continent and particularly from Alaska. To the north bordering the Arctic Ocean.

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