General Conditions of Participation

A. Excursion schedule
(Cited in the tour program and price list )

Please read carefully the following General Terms and Conditions, which is an integral part of the travel package contract, before subscribing to any of our package tours. The General Terms and Conditions are the general information rights and obligations of both parties in the package.

Our company CEL TOURS A.E. (hereinafter the "Company") based in Athens (Solon street 45, 106 72 ), It is intended inter alia to organize trips (Ar.adeias EOT 02577), and is a member of the Association of the Greece Travel and Tourism Agencies HATTA (IT 502).Your participation in any of the tours of CEL TOURS SA. It is a contract between you and the company CEL TOURS A.E.

The information, the information contained in the General Conditions of Participation have been tested by our Company, at the time of writing form for the validity and accuracy, They are general and apply unless otherwise stated in the program of each trip. The final configuration of the trip, service and price in this contract.

This contract covers you and the persons you represent and cover finances and their names listed in this contract. Your participation in package requires the signature of this contract and your acceptance of the terms of this. The contract is completed and put into force with the deposit payment, the issue of proving this collection and the completion and signing of this contract, and not from any other point in time. A copy of the contract you receive mandatory.

To subscribe to any of our trips prerequisite is a) the unconditional acceptance of the terms hereof and b) the payment of the prescribed advance, which is equal to 35% the value of each journey in accordance with the version of the list of the corresponding season. Telephone or any other reservations not confirmed through payment of the equivalent down and there is a written acceptance of the terms of this Agreement shall not oblige the Company to make reservations. Reservations and appearances are possible through your travel agent, but who must follow the procedures and conditions as the Company has determined. Each ”commitment”, ”provision” or ”Directive” agent to the traveler outside of those limits, It is invalid and does not bind the Company.

The right to participate in the trip to ensure the repayment of the total value and related charges 10 least full working days before departure. Any non-payment of the total value of the trip in the time entitle the Company to cancel the booking and claim cancellation fees in accordance with the cancellation terms referred to in this.

The contractor, who represent third parties, It is obliged to inform all the represented by him for the details and conditions of travel. Participants via third party have the same obligations as the representative entered in the journey.

The customer is registered with the name given by / the same / a or the agent acting on behalf of. Please check your passport as the company Cel Tours AE assumes no liability in case of error on the ticket and other reservations. In case of ticket cancellation due to name change is possible cancellation fee.

To the reservation will be sent in clear photocopy of passport scanned or sent via email. The data must be written and handwritten and signed by the customer. Otherwise we can not go on hold or visas where necessary.
The values ​​given in our respective current pricelist, calculated on the basis of travel costs (airfares, transport costs, deals) and exchange rates prevailing at the date of the price list. The Company reserves the right to price adjustment, in case of change of cost factors of travel. indicative (not limited) listed the following reasons:

-Increasing airfares, fuel surcharges, fees, wearer

-Marked increase in exchange rates relate to the Euro.

Changing the travel price due to the aforementioned causes, It can be made up 20 Days of departure. If the price increase significantly for these reasons, customer, within three days from the notification of, may cancel their participation and retrieve the monies paid or to be offered another trip of equal value. If the client does not respond within this time limit, the Company is obliged to cancel their participation and to return all monies paid without further notice, excluding management fees, accordance with the substance to the condition of cancellations. The slight change in price (not exceeding 10% of the total package) not a reason for canceling participation in the above.

note: All prices listed in price lists some additional costs not included, like taxes airports, port charges, other taxes and surcharges, Tips, visas, gala dinners etc.. Please inquire with the sales department of our company and the program – pricelist of travel for their expensive cost and payment place.

Prices for taxes and visas have been calculated based on the data valid at the date of the price list and can be modified to make the trip. The visa costs are calculated as group visa price. If a foreign passport, express or individual visa, the price varies by case.

Local taxes are not included in the package price and the payment is obligatory, and are payable at destination. Otherwise not denied given permission to return to Greece.

Our company acts as an intermediary between clients / travelers and the various service providers use to organize trips (transport companies, airline companies, hotels, local travel agencies etc.) which has no direct control. The Company having exhausted every possibility of providing care and, is not responsible for erroneous actions and omissions of third parties, foreign to the provision of services and their partners and for emergencies, as canceled, delays or changes in itineraries of various transport because of uncertainties such as, indicatively, weather conditions, epidemics, fires, floods, earthquakes, disasters, strikes, political events, war or threat of war, hijackings, terrorist actions, etc. unrest.

Because of the possibility of small or long delays due to technical or weather or other reasons, customers must not plan visits in the days of operations or general transport from one destination to another.

It is emphasized that the Company is unable to predict or control circumstances that are foreign to the sphere of influence and may lead to cancellation of the trip or non-performance or improper performance of the travel services agreed. Typical examples of such cases are strikes, accidents, illnesses, epidemics, organic disorders due to local conditions, altitude, climate, these meals are not included in the trip program or due to insufficient hygiene from external factors, injuries or hardships of war, coups, terrorist, hijackings, earthquakes, weather, fires, epidemics, toxic contamination and any other force majeure situation. The Company in the above cases will make every effort to stand by and take care of their customers in every way, without this increases accountability or liability coverage related exceptional costs, which will be paid by the customer themselves.

It goes without saying that our company is not liable for defects that are not due to fault or due to the fault of the above service providers or which by their nature are impossible to predict and deal with them. Such cases are not limited to theft, the loss, The damage to luggage and miscellaneous items, the loss of money and travel documents of travelers etc., as well as many others listed below. Naturally, our company to deal with these cases shall endeavor in the best possible way to serve travelers.

The Company will pay our best efforts for a better and more consistent enforcement of sailing programs. It has made the maximum effort for the accuracy of all Company programs, Information and entries at these. Fri’ all these, and since the date of the relevant documents and to make the trip is likely to introduce changes which the Company can not control, some details may not fully agree with the substance of the above forms at the time of the tour ( failure of a museum or other attraction, technical problems at facilities and hotel equipment etc.).
Unforeseen circumstances may make it imperative diversification program prior to departure or during an excursion.

1. Before leaving our Company reserves the right to change the travel schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, such delays, cancellations of transport, class hotel changes due to problems on the premises or not proper control of hotel reservations, or even due to exceptional events taking place in the country where is the journey. Such events are, indicatively, weather conditions, epidemics, fires, floods, earthquakes, disasters, strikes, political events, war or threat of war, hijackings, terrorist actions, etc. unrest.

In these cases the customer / traveler 3 alternatives:
-Accept change.
-To buy another tour of our company at the same price or cheaper, which will be refunded the difference in price or more expensive, where you pay the additional price difference.

-Cancel his journey while returning the entire sum of money paid, excluding management fees, accordance with the substance to the condition of cancellations.

2. During the trip leader or local representative has the right to make changes to the travel schedule when it comes to face some extraordinary event, such cancellations or delays of transport routes or even force majeure events (war, coup, earthquake etc.. ). All exceptional costs (extra nights, food, transport etc.) borne by the traveler if the nature of these events makes their prediction impossible.

Our Company has the right to cancel any trip for the following reasons:

  • In case of force majeure events (as above) anytime. In this case our company is required to reimburse participants in full the amount of money already paid, excluding management fees, accordance with the substance to the condition of cancellations.
  • limited participation (to air programs required minimum participation 16-20 persons and road projects minimum participation 25 people).In this case our company is obliged to inform participants 7-8 days before departure of the tour to repay in full the amount of money already paid minus the cost of administration, accordance with the substance to the condition of cancellations.

Also scarce participation, The tour can be done with charge indicated on the tour program and not a reason for cancellation. The charge is determined by the existing entries and the customer is informed of the extra costs booking.
In both the above cases the client has the right to purchase another tour of our company at the same price or cheaper, which will be refunded the price difference, or expensive, where you pay the additional price difference.

8. responsibilities – CUSTOMER'S OBLIGATIONS
compliance Guidelines.
The customer is obliged to comply with the travel schedule and the instructions of escorts or guides. In packages needed is the friendliness and sociability among travelers, team spirit and understanding to any adversity. Escorts need your help for the smooth development of travel. Basic obligation of every traveler who participates in package travel is early turnout in program events. In case of delay and inconsistency of the result for the traveler is the loss of travel or transportation or any other service without compensation. The traveler must reconnect with the team on his own risk and expense. Tour costs etc., not followed until he is returned.

At airports the customer should be at least two hours before departure time. Participants in package, living outside Attica, They should ensure their arrival at the place of departure the day before the departure date, in order not to be affected by any delay local transport. Any loss of transportation of the package of such delay entails the loss of the whole of the journey where it is not possible to reconnect with the rest of the team, no refund. In any case reconnection costs borne by the customers themselves, and the Company will endeavor to assist.

The traveler is required to comply with national laws and regulations and the instructions of the national authorities. The Company has no responsibility if the traveler faced prosecution, call presentation to an authority, arrest, prohibition of entry or exit or another cancellation by national authorities.
You can not make any modifications to your trip, nor change hotel when the journey is ongoing. Break trip, for any -spoudaio or not – reason, It is not permissible. The company in any case does not return the amount paid, not the costs incurred by an interruption of travel (return tickets etc..) borne solely by the traveler.
Obligation of travelers is to study in detail the excursion program and conditions of participation. If the traveler has a special desire ( vegetarian, wants another room type instead of the standard etc.) must inform the registration of the Company, which will try to satisfy the, but can not guarantee the fulfillment of special wishes.

Exchange: Travelers are responsible for the purchase, the declaration and the authenticity of the declaration of tourist or other foreign species in Greek or foreign customs authorities, and other values ​​and objects that carry with them, shall not, comply with the regulations of airports and national laws during their stay at airports ( as to their obligations concerning the duty free products). Where the (Greek or foreign) authorities did not return the traveler entering the exit from the country because of inaccurate declaration of currency or prohibition prosecutor or other (statutory, because judgment, administrative measures etc.), The Company has no responsibility and the customer is not entitled to a refund.

Travel documents: For all trips abroad, new passport is required which is issued by the 2006 and after. Our Company constitutes your passport be valid for at least six months after your scheduled return date to directly identify you and to avoid problems on the go. Some countries require passports of travelers to ending at least 3-12 months after the time of arrival at those. Each traveler is responsible for the strength and validity, obtaining and storing of travel documents required for his journey(passport, visas, vaccination certificates, expatriation permit, visa, etc.). Our Company may, in her opinion, Catering to travelers to ensure them and is not responsible for any non-issuance or non-endorsement thereof by the competent authorities to which the customer should address.

Nationals of other countries, who hold foreign passports or residence permit, They must inform the Company in writing and addressed themselves to the consular authorities of their country, and the countries to be visited, in order to check whether they need a visa or any other documents for the countries that will pass or in which they will travel, and for re-entry in Greece or in the country that started. Failure to ensure the timely issuance of visas or travel documents do not justify disqualification without cancellation fee.

The traveler is responsible for the care of the tickets and in general all travel documents throughout the trip. In case of loss, Our company is not responsible, but will make every effort to assist in the retrieval.

vaccinations- Health: The Company provides all the information about any necessary vaccinations or other medical precautions for the tropical areas or other epidemics. But because of medical privacy, the customer bears the responsibility on himself to approach the competent health authorities. The traveler shall be duly informed by the local health agencies for health regulations of each country, as well as for vaccines or drugs may have to be purchased. Always have the relevant certificates. Always have a pharmacy equipped with necessary to deal with minor incidents.
Customers who face health problems (elderly, pregnant, people with mobility problems), They must inform the Company and obtain the consent of the doctor to travel. If though knowingly health problem facing declare an organized trip and do not notify the Company of their existing health problem, the Company assumes no responsibility for any complications on the trip on that ground.

The Company is not responsible for illness, injury, loss of life, accident or other emergency health incident during the trip.
In case of occurrence of such an event, the Company will provide back up and stand by the victim as far as possible, but not under obligation to cover any relevant output ( hospital costs, doctors, healthcare, transition concerned, further residence etc.). Since the excursion of the remaining travelers should continue normally, the Company's managers in the region (Heads, Groomsmen, representatives etc.) They can not remain beyond the reasonable limits – as required and defined by the need for a smooth continuation of the other team members program – together with the victim in the care, hospitalization etc., his.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue the journey of a traveler and to ensure the transition in Greece, if in the judgment of the danger of health or life of its own or other excursionists.

trip cancellation for any exceptional medical event occurs in the client relative of his before departure(but not limited to pregnancy, Heart attack, complication bile etc.) charged according to cancellation (Paragraph 11 the present). Our company offers an optional cancellation insurance with very low additional cost which can be obtained from the price list of the sales department .

Luggage: Each traveler is allowed to carry with him a suitcase weighing up 20 kg and a hand baggage dimensions 53cm X 26cm X 23cm. In air travel weight of baggage may not exceed (20) twenty pounds and airlines allow only a hand luggage of (5) five kilos in the cabin of the aircraft. If overweight you are obliged to pay the price that will ask the airline at the time of departure. The traveler is obliged to comply with the instructions, regulations and general policy of the airline in question of our excess baggage and the Company has no responsibility for.

In case of damage or loss or delay of luggage, the airline (and in any case the CEL TOURS A.E.) will compensate the traveler only for the weight of baggage, accordance with the Treaty of Warsaw, regardless of the value of the baggage contents. For this reason do not place valuable items in luggage.

Any complaints should be reported directly to the Head – companion or to our local representative, who will try to satisfy your request. There can be no complaints to return without having been similar protests during the tour in order to enable us to take care of what bothers you and contrary to our original contract. If a problem persists, You should complain in writing to us within Company 7 days from the date of your return together with any documents or other evidence you have for reasons of. After 7 days of our Company is not obliged to answer any request.

Air tickets:
Air travel collective trips performed with economy class tickets and based in mass fares require a minimum specified number of travelers (which varies depending on the journey) and subject to residence restrictions and stopovers. Air travel individual travelers carried with entry tickets, depending on the preference of travelers. Airlines may alter the routes and types of aircraft without any warning. In any case, our company can not intervene in the airline to cut down any stopovers and connections Standby time. The terms that appear on the back of the air ticket, issued in the name of the traveler, It is the customer's contract directly with the airline, in which our company has passed to secure its position and not the air transport. Although these terms are based on international conventions, there are certain airlines that limit or exclude their liability subject to international conventions.
Airlines have sole control and responsibility for undertaken for air services, and the our company can not intervene and no responsibility on. So, indicatively stated, that CEL TOURS A.E. no responsibility for changes made by airlines for operational reasons on platforms, flight schedule, the ports (transit) etc., the hours of flight departures and arrivals etc., as well as for the selection positions (position number, places smoking or not etc.), any greater number of reservations on the number of aircraft seating (overbooking) etc.. In recent case of overbooking, They are likely to suffer even confirmed and consolidated position, but the airline for any reason to refuse boarding to the aircraft, without the company could do nothing.
If internal flights (add on, domestic) not required when requesting availability other late, if the freight is not found in system prices charged(full fare). Any modification cancellation requested after ticket is issued, is charged. Domestic flights are kept with minimal binding five hours from the international flight. If the client or the agency representing him unwilling to follow it, he assumes responsibility and the reservation and ticket issuance.

The category of hotels is in line with the tourist agency of the country to which they belong. But because there is no internationally accepted uniform criterion for classification is reasonable to differ between the various hotels, even if they belong to the same category. These are indicated in the description of the programs.
Unless otherwise stipulated, The stay is in standard rooms (standard rooms). If the traveler the difference in received single room, this in no way means that the room is spacious and better able. If you want a double room have a double bed should you indicate this when you register. Our company will try to ensure you, but can not guarantee the achievement of. It is recommended to avoid triple rooms, which typically are double with the addition of a third folding bed and therefore not comfortable. The choice of rooms, floor etc., done by the hotel management only, which is the sole responsible for all services provided by the hotel (meals, room-service etc.).

According to international regulations and hotel rooms are delivered in 12:00 and received the 14:00, regardless of the time of arrival and departure of customers. If you wish to keep the room more than the specified or have it delivered earlier, you have to agree with the hotel reception and pay the amount requested. Because our company has no control in hotels and reservations of rooms, is likely to be notified at the last minute from the destination hotel that disposal rooms that we can not keep to travelers for any reason (as when the hotel has booked a larger number of rooms than its capacity = overbooking, etc.). In this case, the Company will replace the room with other same class hotel room or if this is not feasible with a lower class hotel room and return to the customer the difference was, without the Company bear no further responsibility or obligation.

Upon arrival at the hotel you may be asked a credit card guarantee or cash deposit to make use of telephone and other extra services offered ( refrigerator-minibar). If you do not want, the hotel staff has the right to empty your refrigerator, lock your phone so it is not possible to make calls even not like providing accommodation.
During the Christmas and New Year there at some hotels called compulsory gala dinners (Gala Dinner). For the value informed in advance, and is payable in Athens.

Coach:. The seats in the coach changed depending on the duration of the tour. The vehicle used can be changed during the trip. Changing positions is compulsory every day, of all travelers without exception.

Diet: In half-board (breakfast and one main meal) the meridian choice or dinner made by the Company depending on the program each day. The focus group is excursionists. Drinks are not included in the price as reference meals offered during the excursion.

Chief / Session
Our group organized a trip accompanied by an experienced linguist and partner, who cares for the smooth implementation of the program and a) receives the group from departure day to day return to Greece or b)picks up the group at the station the first night and deliver it to the last night station, depending on the excursion program. During the tours, The leader / attendant functions as a translator of the local English-speaking guide. Within the aircraft captain – attendant has no more rights than any other traveler, for this and any omissions or responsibilities during the flight should be requested only by the airline, as defined by the Treaty of Warsaw.

The company reserves the right to replace the leader / session during the trip due to extraordinary circumstances

In some cases the accompaniment performed by local representatives. Local representatives usually meet the customer at the hotel upon request and give basic information and directions to the destination. The responsibilities of local representatives is not included:

– the receipt and transfer of the group to and from the airport to the destination in question carried out with local English speaking guide.
– The participation in the tour and the optional excursions

In individual packages (individual travelers) any special customer preferences(requests) to airlines / hotels / Other services are possible upon availability control with suppliers. In case of unavailability, the company may offer comparable products an equal or greater value. O Customer has the right to accept comparable products and to pay any charges which result in the cancel and the company to return the whole paid whether minus administrative expenses.

Find travel displayed on the website as BOOK NOW means that the departure has appearances and has great chances to take place. Final answer about whether your trip will take place is announced 7 or 8 days before departure. The remaining trips that appear on the site are on request.

In accordance with EU and Greek law (P.D.336 / 1996) η CEL TOURS A.E. It has made the insurance of professional responsibility for the costs of non-performance or improper performance, on her behalf, and for refunding and repatriation of travelers in case of bankruptcy. .(GENERALI Ar.Asfalistiriou:THE-10647559)

For all of the above as well as any changes in the name of
insurance company and the number of the insurance policy, informed before the conclusion of the travel contract
The above professional liability insurance has nothing to do with travel insurance and, obviously does not cover accidents, health problems etc..
Our Company proposes and recommends that travelers an optional travel insurance package with extremely low additional cost. You can enjoy your trip without stress on the economic impact of any unexpected – unpleasant events. The coverage of this package are listed in price list, and the costs paid by the advance of participation.

Cancellations must be made in writing and signed by him that made the original reservation. The cancellation applies from the day you received the written request of the Company. The cancellation of participation is subject to the following cancellation fees per person(unless otherwise indicated in the price list of tour-program), depending on the time of cancellation:

Cancel participation 21 – 15 days before departure: charged 35% of the total package

Cancel participation 14 – 5 days before departure: charged 75% of the total package.

Cancel participation 4 days before departure: charged 100% of the total package.

Charged levied even if canceling your trip you wish to participate in the same trip, but in future departure.

In case of emergency, You may not assign your trip (valid for travel without extra procedures, visa etc.) to a third party until 5 days before departure, under the condition:
a) fulfilled the conditions of participation, and the third of you person accepts in writing the terms of this

b) any costs generated from the sale will be paid to our Company,
c) that other stakeholders (airline companies, hotels etc.) will accept this change, and

d)not causing problems in the smooth realization of the excursion.

Agreed hereby that the customer owes the Company as minimal fee for services provided by this service the amount of 70 EUR per person(management fees). That fee, for which a voucher service, collected only if the customer still does not make the journey and must not be charged and a minimum fee of the Company for the provision of services by.

12. applicable law – JURISDICTION
The contract between the traveler and the company governed by Greek law. Exclusively competent for any dispute that may arise from this contract are the courts of Athens.

In case of cancellation of a term, the remaining terms of this still valid.

This statement must be signed by the customer himself.

Your participation in any of our trips, implies full acceptance of the general conditions. The terms of the contract between the company and the traveler can not be modified, completed the interpreted only in writing.

I read the terms of participation, which I accept on behalf of all passengers listed in the registration form and I am authorized / or for enrollment in this trip.