Letter to our travelers 19-08-2013 for trip to India


Ms Soula,
we congratulate you for the excellent organization of our trip to India. It was very good that your initiative be added and Mumbai on the last leg of the journey as was also good and the selection of hotels. A very big thank deserve But the leader-our tour guide there King ZAFEIROPOULOU, that thanks to the experience , but the organizational skills and ingenuity of no problems at all our days in India. Feel safe with him even when periplaniomastan the narrow lanes of Varanasi (especially we who we had together and our 13 year old daughter) .Not spoil NONE chatiri, not misunderstood with NONE ,not refused to show us that there was above in each city we found. We do with the other four Cel travel in Asia, and all tour guides were spotless. In this year's trip however you choose the right man for this country.
We wish we all well and meet again soon in a new journey.
Sincerely Dimitris-Natasha-Georgia T.

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