Letter to our travelers 31-10-2013 About Traveling in Morocco


We are a group of 16 some friends here every year and 15 years organizes a trip, journey institution, which relaxes us and unites us . A crazy drinker, shout, argue, We laugh, fun. No trip we leave it to fate, since we organize ourselves. We have decided that the CEL is the agency that gives us what we ask, making our every desire and often has modified the original program , but always in collaboration with the MARY SOULI owns office (more friend, He joined the company and often travels with us) always looking to ask and counterposes. This year, after many trips to Asia, Arab, European countries and countries of America, we decided to go to Morocco .The most negative. Mary had many years to make trip there. but did not deny us and with the help of very good partners, He organized us a great memorable trip, who won and those who were completely opposed. A "package" trip, could someone tell, converted by means of CEL TOURS and passion of MARY SOULI in a unique experience of the senses ,contradictions, the many different images . A trip "destination" engraved in the minds and in our hearts because this fabulous country creates all conditions to live strong, individual and unrepeatable moments ...... The legendary Casablanca, Imperial Rabat, the polytragoudismeno Marrakech, romantic Essaouira, the "bulwark of the desert" the Ouarzazate, the majestic Atlas Mountains to the rocky lunar landscapes breathtaking Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, The beautiful Kasbah, the medinas with their carts, the souks, the bustling neighborhoods and quiet Berber villages, the famous "Square of Miracles" Hey Tzemaa-Fna, mosques and minarets, medieval castles, the vast desert of Western Sahara, oases and sand dunes, caravans with camels and rides are oceanfront, palm trees and prickly, the exotic dancers of belly dancing, the special Moroccan cuisine, aromatic mint tea, Arab architecture ,all these make up the puzzle ambient, with fabulous view MOROCCO of the "Lord of the Desert",as designated ......... This trip offers like the CEL TOURS we highly recommend!!!!!!!!

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