Independent state in Southeast Asia, by area 1.919.440 square kilometers and a population 231.328.092 residents (assessment 2002). It consists of the island assemblies Large Sunda (Sumatra, Java, South Kalimantan or Borneo or Sulawesi and Kelevi) and Small Sunda (Bali, Moluccan, Irian Jaya or West New Guinea and East Timor). The archipelago of Indonesia extends between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, in latitude 6 ° 11 ° B-B and a longitude of 95 ° A-141 A °, covering an area with a width of more than 3.000 km. Surrounded northwest, west and southwest of the Indian Ocean, south of the Sea of ​​Timor and Arafura Sea and the north of the Pacific Ocean, the sea of ​​the Philippines, Kelevis of the sea and the South China Sea. It has land borders to the north with Malaysia (North Borneo) and east to New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea). It is the largest state in Southeast Asia and the largest island state in the world, with an area equal to about one fifth of Europe, and is the fourth most populous state in the world, with a population equal to the whole of France, of Italy, Ireland and Germany. Its capital is Jakarta.

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