China is state of Asia. Its area is 9.560.973 square. km., ie. is the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada, and the population is 1.154.887.381 residents, the most populous state in the world.

The borders are defined by: NE bordering B. Korea and Russia and A bordering the Yellow Sea, Eastern and Chinese from southern Sinica Sea. In the south it borders with the Member Vietnam, People, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal and India. In the west it borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. To the north it borders with Russia and Mongolia. NW with Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. China is the political 1949 Democratic Republic.

Its capital is Beijing, old imperial capital, with 9.500.000 residents. Other cities are Shanghai (12.500.000 K.), Nanking 2.500.000 cat., Tien – Qin 8.100.000 cat., Tsegos – Chu 1.650.000 K. The official language is Chinese (koan – Hoa), but also other spoken languages ​​and dialects of local importance, as the Mongolian and Tibetan. Currency of the country is Yan.

Singularity present in the Chinese way of writing. They use so called ideograms, ie. symbols that mean a whole concept. Their words are monosyllabic and change their meanings depending on the tone of voice and the way they are pronounced. Important role played by position words are. There are some special words, the roots, 214 the number, where, when they added next to another word, give a different meaning. The population is composed of Chinese v 95%, While the remainder 5% (somewhere 40.000.000) Mongolians are, Tibetans etc.. The terrain presents many images and peculiarities. Generally designated as mountainous.

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