Cappadocia, ancient Greek word derived from Persian: Katpatouka means “the land of beautiful horses”, It is one of the largest areas of eastern Asia Minor. Today the territory belongs in five Turkish provinces: Caesarea, Nigde, Kir-Shehir, Aksaray, Nevsehir.

The inhabitants of Cappadocia called Cappadocian.

Until 1922 and the Asia Minor Catastrophe, when the population exchange, the inhabitants of Cappadocia in religion and nationality were:

Muslims: Turkish, Kurds, Afsaroi people predatory, and Circassians (Tserkezos) who emigrated on the 19th century. from Russia
Greek Orthodox Christians
Armenians who migrated from the Middle Ages Armenia.
Spoken language was Greek with many corruptions, Turkish, Armenian and Kurdish. Residents after 1922: 700.000.

Physical limits of Cappadocia is to B. the Black Sea, to A. the river Euphrates, to N. Mount Taurus and to D.. the river Kizil Irmak (kızılırmak river). Oldest countries bordering Cappadocia was to D.. Paphlagonia, Lycaonia and Galatia, to N. Cilicia and Syria and to A.. Armenia and Syria.

Highest mountain is Argaios (4.000 m.), constantly snowcapped, and the great mountain range of Taurus. Major rivers are the kızılırmak river (the rock salt on the river), the Euphrates, the Yeşilırmak River (Iris) and Saros (Ceyhan). The soil in the highlands forming mainly pastures, It is fertile to the Sea and the Euphrates and to the wooded mountains of Taurus.

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