Mary Soulis Success without borders!!! The Ambassador of Cultural Communication Mongolia exclusive Espresso

mme_esspreso_newsWhen Mary Soulis, director of the travel agency CEL TOURS decided to make known the Mongolia the general public, He knew very well that this was an ambitious vision but had many difficulties.
Our years of experience, the love for work and loyalty to the primary objective was the key weapon.
The insight was verified triumphantly.
Mary Soulis only failed to transform Mongolia to son attracts many Greeks. After a strenuous effort still manages to provide a bridge between Greece and Mongolia with excellent results.
The title of the Mongolian government awarded as the “Ambassador of Cultural Communication” was a big thank you for this effort. And it seems like it is just the beginning. Mary Soulis has KJ others well hidden aces up its sleeve that will be discussed in the very near future.
– The truth is that our knowledge of Mongolia is extremely limited. Until now we did not have any information about what this so distant country. What made you get involved specifically with Mongolia:
– Indeed you are right. We do not know much about this country. I'll tell you something that may seem strange.
Mongolia is so far away, and yet so close to the Greek reality undoubtedly is a destination – challenge. Mongolia is a beautiful country with a unique natural beauty and extremely nice people. Mongolians are an ancient people with a rich history, just as the Greek and believe me, We can only know the Jenkins Khan as a heinous warrior, But Mongols have suffered too much during its history and it is surprising that they have managed to survive. Perhaps because they have "soul" just like the Greeks. Their interests do not differ much from ours and our culture has much in common even though divide us many thousands of kilometers
– How did you manage to be appointed Ambassador of Cultural Communication;
– Appointed ambassador cultural communication by Mongolian institutions and this is a title that was given me in recognition of my efforts to bring close the two peoples. This is to provide the link between my Mongolia and Greece and is intended to meet the two countries to each other as much as possible. It was really a great honor for me.
– How difficult it will be for you one such project;
– It is indeed difficult, but not impossible, I will try to overcome the barrier of mileage, organizing sports exchange group, artists, journalists as well as organizing cultural events of which would bring together the two countries. Our first step is to send free wrestling athletes Greeks opted to Mongolians haberdashery level athletes, while the next effort is to exchange Mongols and Greek artists, It will seem perhaps strange, but some singers are known in Mongolia and their songs heard there. which is another proof that both peoples may refrain kilometer but are quite common and “tastes”!
– Why do you think someone should travel up there;
– Because Mongolia is a unique destination and so different than we can put our minds. Today Mongolia attracts the Greek traveler as he will have the opportunity to experience the experience of nomadic life inside the yurt, which is exciting, authentic and unique. Especially now for the holidays Mongolia is a unique destination and particularly graphic. And another good idea for those who love the intense and exciting experiences to make their holidays in China to jump from there to Mongolia for a few days to savor this unique experience.
– If I asked you to tell me an equally good proposal for journey ahead of the holidays, but in the western hemisphere this time, what would you suggest me;
-I will again surprise and would reccomend Brazil because he is a different destination. just think, that on the evening of New Year two million people dressed in white descended to the Copa Cabana beach to celebrate the New Year. Exactly at twelve begin the fireworks filling the sky with the craziest colors and along the coast, length four kilometers, performed an incredible party going on till morning.
– After such a successful professional career in the Greek market Who are your goals now ;
– After Greece, Thailand and Cuba Our immediate priority is to invest strongly in other markets of Asia where one things running with other rhythms and the growth is exponential. I believe that with careful steps will succeed very quickly our goals.
– Your Europe interested;
– Certainly! I watch with great interest the development of tourism in Central Europe and I think it is now time to enter dynamically in’ these markets, to give the opportunity to’ these folks know their destinations already offer in the Greek market so successfully. Our experience and people they trust our many years of travel is the self-evident proof that we can do and there!

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