A true exotic paradise. Mauritius is a large island ( 2.040 ), with rugged hills in the hinterland, crossroads where different cultures met, which are currently reflected in the architecture, the music, art, gastronomy. Hindus constitute half the population, while about one fifth is Muslim - faiths that kissed the slaves who worked in sugar cane plantations that time the island was a British colony. Along with Creole ( African slaves descendants ), Chinese and French progeny make up the multicultural mosaic of this volcanic island nation located 2.000 km. beyond the southeastern coast of Africa. Coral reef forming lagoons with crystal waters embellish the coast of Mauritius, while hotels and resorts to justify the term luxury destination. Fishing in open sea ( deep sea fishing ) a great local "passion" - from November to April all the big hotels organize with their own boat excursions in search of sharks, yellowfin tuna, barracudas. For the most peace-loving types, Island holds memorable spa experiences. Beyond for institutions, it's worth taking time to explore the hinterland, 4×4 of course, since the road network is often "adventure" ... Also of interest and shopping: the island has a long tradition in knitwear and fabrics, while even find clothes at competitive prices, embroidery, semiprecious stones and stone decorative objects.

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