Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and its largest city and port in the country. Η αρχική ονομασία της πόλης ήταν City of the Holy Trinity and Puerto de Santa Maria of Buenos Aires (City of the Most Holy Trinity and Port of Saint Mary of Good Winds). Located in southern coast of Rio de la Plata, Southeast coast of South America, opposite Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Strongly influenced by European culture, Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as “Paris of the South” or “Paris of South America”. It is one of the most sophisticated cities in Latin America, known for its architecture, nightlife and cultural events. It is also one of the richest cities in Latin America, a large middle class and a large number of residents with higher education.

After the internal conflicts of the 19th century, Buenos Aires omospondopoiithike and separated from the Province of Buenos Aires. The municipal boundaries were expanded and included the former cities of Belgrano and Flores, which today are neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Argentines often call the town Capital Federal (Federal Capital) to separate the town from the homonymous province. Under the Constitution of 1994, Buenos Aires is an autonomous city.

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