Travel Maldives – Letter to our customers 30/04/12


The tours Αγαπητό,
Dear Ms. Maragianni.

I am sending you this e-mail to thank you for once again perfect and flawless organization of our trip, bound for the Maldives this time.
Once again proved that our distinguished professionalism and your consistency.
Especially I would like to thank Ms. Maragianni that all this time thoroughly worked to complete this journey our.
Your help was invaluable and highly successful in the selection of facility. While I and my husband had a endyasmo in principle for sygkrekrimeno hotel (It seemed to us very simple rooms), yet is Mrs. Maragianni encouraged us in the selection of, and which proved entirely satisfactory.
In the hotel, They greeted us warmly and all the staff were always smiling and willing to help us anytime, and that was what.
They did us a single moment to feel like ordinary tourists encountered the profit. Unlike their attitude was such that cheered us epivravevoume them..
Our great impression also made the cleanliness in all areas. Although the hotel is in the sand and trees, it was all very clean and tidy.
The room is anything but simple was. Actually the photo on the site the unjust too.
The buffet was always very rich, with flavors and choices for all tastes. Yet there was Mr. organization. Nominal tables staff almost every table to serve us.
For the beauty of the island what to say…? No logia..i rather would put it somewhat differently..
<< if heaven exists, epeitelous found him ..>> I think it's the least I can say.
Even the few times when it rained it was so beautiful, we sat and enjoyed the storm with much pleasure. Had Mr it a distinct image.

There really is nothing negative to say.

We once again thank you.

you Rock.

Keep this level of benefits.
With price

happiness M.
Harry L..

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