Travel Maldives – Letter to Our Customers 18/01/2013

mailoftravellersWe had the luck to work with your office and doing the best holidays of our life!
The island was wonderful, The bungalows had unlimited sea view and exclusive part of the beach for relaxation and bathroom. The incredible sea, shallow, turquoise, We did snorkelling and we saw tropical fish, sea ​​turtles, and corals, and of course we enjoy our unforgettable sunsets as it gave ROOM- bungalow with southwest orientation. The service and hospitality very good. While the package included E / B they did our gift F / B with an amazing variety in international cuisine FOOD, morning , noon and afternoon. We enjoyed the tropical paradise and the above, and with great difficulty to bid farewell.
Thanks for all.


Catherine- Basilica C..

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