6 Reasons for our travelers prefer

onlineagency1. We offer guidance
Our travelers are particularly concerned with what happens in the world (terrorism, Zika virus ...) and they need the guidance of an experienced professional for selecting the destination and full information on this, something that can not offer the OTA (Online Travel Agents).

2. better utilize the money of travelers
We have access to the best offers and vacation packages, knowing when is the best time to make reservations, saving an average 300 € per trip.

3. Our travelers have been disappointed by the online travel agencies
The online travel agencies (OTA) often advertise a price, but then hidden charges or restrictions added, thus the user gets tired of exhaustive research to be done before his detention. According to MMGY Global's Research 2015 Portrait of American Travelers, by travelers, regularly seek information from OTA to plan their holiday, Only the 13% make reservation, compared to 36% the 2014.

4. Better customer service
While local authorities have call centers to help their customers only when browsing the website, we help throughout the duration of the booking process and remain with the traveler to make sure that everything goes well. The traveler knows that if there is a problem, we will be there to intervene and find a solution.

5. We have deep knowledge of destinations and understanding of the traveler's interests
We specialize in specific markets, so we can offer even more information about a particular destination or travel class, such as wedding tourism. Also, devote time to meet the customer, so that we can make recommendations tailored as, what he likes.

6. Orient to Millennials
The rate of travel under the age of 35, who prefer to book their holiday through a travel agent increased by 50%, between 2014 and 2015, says MMGY Global Research. Just as they want to hire an expert to settle their tax or have their garden, They want a trained professional to help them make the correct travel decisions.

30 years we now offer trips to unique destinations , for vacation , relaxation and wedding exotic trips , individually and collectively in the cheapest rates!