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Ho Chi Minh City

The Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) It is a city in Vietnam and the capital of South Vietnam until 1975. Since renamed Ho Chi Minh City, in honor of President Ho Chi Minh, national hero of Vietnamese. in the spring of 1975 It became the Southern Union and North Vietnam. Located on the right side of the Saigon River. […]



the Hanoi (Ha Noi) It is the capital of Vietnam and the river port Chogkcha. It has a population 2,1 millions of euros inhabitants. It is the main economic and cultural center of the country, while large industrial center (mechanical engineering, textile industry, food industry and chemical industry). The city is the international airport and university Noimpai, όπως επίσης το μαυσωλείο του […]



Vietnam officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a country in Southeast Asia, the second most populous country with a communist regime in the world. It has a total area 331.690 square kilometers and is bordered north by the People's Republic of China, west with Laos and Cambodia, while east, νότια και νοτιοδυτικά βρέχεται από τα νερά του Κόλπου […]