Ms. Mary Soulis Kafkios at events for 15 years of STAT BANK ( Magazine Travel Times )

Mme_traveltimes_madaReference of the tourist economy magazine Travel Times
Events for 15 years of STAT BANK with a meeting at a central Athens hotel on 17 December 2008, the Constitution, the King George Hotel, FEATURED business guide "The Greek Trade" issued for the 15th consecutive year.

The event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance (now the Minister of Finance) K. Giannis Papathanasiou, MP A’ PASOK Athens Ms. Sylvana Rapti, Important businessmen and executives from industry, of the Commerce, the financial system and tourism and together important representatives of media. "On top of our priorities is to strengthen the region and critical areas, as one of the tourist economy "dilose.kata his speech Mr.. Papathanasiou, who presented the priorities of the NSRF and continued: "Right now the absorption of C’ CSF has a total exceeded 85% resource and we are confident that we will be able to exploit even the last euro. Furthermore it is true that 80% of NSRF resources directed to the region, to support the balanced development, reduce inequalities and improve people's quality of life ".

Note that the driver "The Greek Trade – The Greek Commerce »was published courtesy of DEPA, ETA, ING Πειραιώς, Genesis Pharma, BMW Σπανός και ΔΕΣΦΑ. hosting sponsor was the King George and media partners the unique economic SBC channel and the Journal of the tourism economy Travel Times.

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