Vacation packages - individual Tour

Πούκετ Ταϊλάνδη Ατομικό ταξίδι
Phuket Thailand Individual journey
Duration: 8 days

price from 349€

Λανγκάουι Μαλαισία Ατομικό Ταξίδι
Langkawi Malaysia Personal Journey
Duration: 8 days

price from 499€

Πενάνγκ Μαλαισία Ατομικό Ταξίδι
Penang Malaysia Personal Journey
Duration: 8 days

price from 569€

Πενάνγκ Μαλαισία Ατομικό Ταξίδι
Penang Malaysia Personal Journey
Duration: 8 days

price from 419€

Μπανγκόκ Ταϊλάνδη Ατομικό Ταξίδι
Bangkok Thailand Personal Journey
Duration: 8 days

price from 349€

Vacation packages - Trips

Πουκέτ – Μπανγκόκ – Σιγκαπούρη  Ομαδικό ταξίδι
Phuket – Bangkok – Singapore Group trip
Duration: 13 days

price from 1.399€

Σεούλ Νότια Κορέα ατομικό oργανωμένο ταξίδι
Seoul, South Korea: organized private trip
Duration: 6 days

price from 1.089€

Μπανγκόκ – Πουκέτ Ταϊλάνδη Ομαδικό ταξίδι
Bangkok – Phuket Thailand Trips
Duration: 11 days

price from 999€

Κωνσταντινούπολη – Βόσπορος – Πριγκηπόνησα
Constantinople – Bosporus – Prigiponissa
Duration: 4,5 days

price from 325€

Ομαδικό Ταξίδι Πολωνία – Κρακοβία 4ήμερο
Group Travel Poland – Krakow 4 days
Duration: 4 days

price from 475€

What did our travelers

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I have no words !!! all were spotless
20/02/2018    Phuket (Thailand)   
Author Picture

Dear Alexander ,
I have no words !!! all were spotless, better than we expected from servicing view .
many thanks !! I will suggest to anyone who told me he wants to travel .
we made excursions , walks , bathrooms !!! PERFECT !!!
Thanks again !!

Richie -Alexander

Everything went perfectly thanks!  
20/02/2018    Bangkok - Phuket (Thailand)   
Author Picture

Everything went perfectly thanks! Everyone was faultless and on time!

Thank you very much for everything.  
02/02/2018    Singapore - Phi Phi - Phuket
Author Picture

Good evening they were all really beautiful, Thank you very much for everything.

We had a great time
Author Picture

Hi Alexis.
Happy New Year with health and happiness!
We had a great time! Everything was very good and our drivers very helpful. All good.

Everything went like clockwork without a problem. Thanks
01/01/2018    Maldives
Author Picture

Happy New Year,

Health and everything else in your personal life and then all the best in your professional career.
The trip was very good, Watch all went without a problem. Thanks.
We had a very good time, their flawless organization, weather wonderful, Island fortunately as I had seen was a little big for nice walks in the lovely sand.
I do not know if you have access to the rooms and we were lucky but we gave 451 which is right next to the beach and on the side that does not blow (at least while we were).
Basically nice rooms 420-530 next to the sea and sunset views.
the 240-318 They have rocks in front of them.
The other nice, food nice and full of different flavors than those normally we learned, with several Indian and Chinese recipes.
Thank you for your cooperation and perhaps in the future to meet again ...

Good Work Sir Alexander

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